Bulletin #1 | March 2020 | Territory of resistance

Laws, orders, fear, uncertainty, paranoia… Covid-19’s health crisis causes a critical neuronals’ shock of which we want go out with a help of thinking people whose are able to distance themselves and analyze what happened beyond what is actually happening. From La Vorágine feed Apocaelipsis in a constant, plural and without limit of time ways. Confinement disturbs our critical thought!

2o march, 2020

Apocalypse, biopolitics and the destituent state: precarization in time of cholera

Analyst and essayist Joseba Gabilondo joins the debate on the coronavirus crisis and points out those structural elements that “we don’t know that we already know”.

27 march, 2020

Becoming a virus     

Ecuadorian analyst Mateo Martínez Abarca believes that the time has come to transform this confinement into a critical mass, a viral general strike, and then to abruptly hatch.

23 march, 2020

To resist is our responsibility

Heriberto Paredes invites us to not forget that it is this development model what has brought us here, and promotes survival as a resistance attitude.

22 march, 2020

Reaction to the Apocaptosis

Looking back and outside to build community alternatives, regain control of our lives … Paco Gómez Nadal sees the pandemic as a foreseeable consequence of this system.

19 march, 2020

What do we think about coronavirus?

We may imagine a huge production of thoughts about the pandemia, its consequences, origins and interweavings… It is not that bad, we might yet be too on top of it all, or It might be too difficult to position oneself on quicksands… Those who are more active on writing are the ones that, before this new peak, were already talking about a systemic crisis. In this entry, we will integrate all feature articles that we can gather on this planetary debate for which science has not many answers.

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18 march, 2020

The silenced anatomy of COVID-19

Mozambican researcher Maria Paula Meneses, researcher-coordinator of the CES (Centro de Estudos Sociais/Center for Social Studies) in Coimbra, analyzes the repercussions and the lessons we can learn from the expansion of COVID-19 in Africa.