In Route with the Commons

Memory and Archive of a possible constellation (2017-18-19)

“In Route with the Commons” is a bilingual book free for anyone to use, but not free for those who produce it. It can be downloaded online where it’s located, or a paper version can be requested through the La Vorágine publishing house (Santander), covering the cost of printing and shipping.

The book confirms the possibility of a practice of production of knowledge, not for economic profit and unmediated by the cultural market institution. It responds to a solidarity-based relationship between the protagonists of a story, the researcher in charge, a volunteer work group, the whole team of translators and transcribers who have collaborated on all the pieces and a publishing house, La Vorágine,  with interests beyond capitalist gain.

This book is a guide and a road map corresponding to three years, 2017, 2018, and 2019, behind which lies time spent traveling and doing interviews throughout different cities in Spain. The raw materials of the entire process of  investigation can be used as a research tool, as a textbook in classrooms, or as a consulting manual for communities. The book has been catalogued within the library network.

The collection of the 45 conversations transcribed allows us to understand the culture of the commons, with its anti-capitalist orientation and aspiration, accompanied by people who belong to these communities. Their testimonies can be found in audiovisual form in the bilingual digital archive “The Constellation of the Commons / La Constelación de los Comunes.” You can access the digital tool using this link, and all the content is offered under the Creative Commonshttps://constelaciondeloscomunes.org/

You can download it online in PDF here on the website of the Constellation of Commons project. If you want it on paper you can buy it here.

In addition, you can also buy it in English in PDF here on the website of the project The Constellation of Commons. If you prefer to buy it on paper, you can buy it here.

En ruta con el Común

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